Learn to Dive

R.A.P.S Diving Club’s ‘Learn to Dive’ lessons are designed to give you the best experience possible through the coordinated development of diving skills and technique.

Lessons are focused around two key components, water and dryland. In the Dryland Centre you will be able to develop board and aerial skills through repetition in a safe and controlled environment. Divers have access to a variety of apparatus such as trampoline, dry boards as well as harness work onto mats or into foam pits.

Water lessons give the diver the opportunity to use the skills from dryland and add the additional components of timing and entry from the dive boards and platforms.

Through water and dryland training, you will learn basic diving safety, diving techniques and how to use the dive boards and platforms, all while having fun in a friendly environment.

Development Squad

R.A.P.S Diving Club’s ‘Development Squad’ is the transition from learning to dive, to developing strength & skills.

Divers who has been asked to join the development squad, train from 5 – 8 hrs a week. Divers will focus on strength, technique, skills progression and start competing at state qualifying events.

Our development squad program is a great program for divers who love the sport and are interested in competing.

Elite Squad

Coming Soon..

Holiday Clinics

R.A.P.S Diving Club’s Holiday Clinics are a great opportunity for anyone interested in trying diving in a fun & friendly environment.

All clinic days include dryland and water training.